About us

How OLIVIOUS® originated in Sardinia, one of the five Blue Zones of the world.

Olive in a bottle

How do you put an olive in a bottle? This is the question that popped into my head while lying in my hammock, staring up at the silvery-green leaves of an ancient olive tree. This tree is one of many on the ten-hectare olive grove that surrounds our home. Our home in Sardinia, to be precise.


A vague concept from the past

A number of years ago, I decided to swap the bustle and climate of the Netherlands for the calm beauty of the Sardinian lifestyle. Together with my wife and daughters (9 and 7 years old at the time), we set up house on an idyllic spot on this ancient island and enjoyment quickly became a matter of course.

Our new social life consists primarily of eating and drinking with our Italian and Dutch friends. The dream of long tables bursting with culinary delights surrounded by sun, sea and unspoiled nature has become our daily routine. Stress has become a vague concept from the past, and every ingredient for the healthy Mediterranean lifestyle can literally be found in our backyard.

olive oil

The positive effects

The centuries-old olive trees that surround us produce many litres of pure, fresh and green extra virgin olive oil every year. Our Sardinian neighbours quickly taught us how to use it in the preparation of the most delicious, authentic dishes. And many of our Dutch friends, who had become aware of the benefits of olive oil after reading about it on healthy eating websites, told us they drank a small glass of olive oil a day to take advantage of all the positive properties the simple olive has to offer. Because of the sharp taste, some would dilute it with a little water; however, no matter how healthy the concept, olive oil could never be described as a tasty beverage.

So as I lazed in my hammock, my eyes taking in the thousands of olive trees that covered the hillsides, I wondered, “How do I get the olive – and everything it contributes towards a healthy lifestyle – into a bottle? How do I create a great-tasting product that makes it simple for everyone to drink a worthwhile quantity of extra-virgin olive oil every day?”

the idea

A tasty olive oil shot

I started to research into olive oil and became more and more excited. I read about its many health claims, all of which agreed you need to consume at least 20 grams of olive oil a day to truly benefit from its healthy attributes.

And then it came to me: I should develop a tasty olive oil shot. A daily portion using authentic, extra virgin olive oil from Sardinia’s Blue Zone, but with a different texture and available in delicious flavours that everyone can enjoy.

simple and tasty

And packed with health!

To achieve this, I visited a leading Dutch food laboratory. After a few months of experimenting, a unique drink emerged. Creamy in texture and surprisingly tasty.

We had put the olive in the bottle.
Olivious® was born!