Who is Olivious Nederland BV?

James Peterzon is the company founder. The core company is composed of his own team and third parties. Oblivious works together with food technologists, the Van Hall Larenstein University, and various suppliers of ingredients and processing machinery. Marketing and PR, packaging, and production partners are also involved with the Olivious brand.

How is the company financed?

It quickly became clear that personal financing would be insufficient; a crowdfunding campaign was set up. With other financial support (private and through the Pre-seed Noordoost Brabant fund), the crucial initial steps could be taken.

Later on, two informal investors joined Olivious to meet further financing requirements. With these partners on board, the company could now depend on solid financial backing that propelled it through further development and growth.

Does Olivious Nederland BV have overseas branches?

At present, our single office is established in Eindhoven. Development and production are achieved with partners distributed throughout the land. Depending on future developments, we definitely don’t exclude the possibility of strategic overseas  alliances. We envisage positive growth in multiple countries for our healthy olive oil shots; these  in addition to our current target market in the Netherlands.



Where did the name come from?

Olivious® merges two crucial characteristics – olive oil, and it’s delicious taste. This product name is also a registered trademark.

What does the logo mean?

The primary ingredient of Olivious is,of course, olive oil. The logo is a cross-section of an olive, designed to represent the first letter of the brand name.



What’s in Olivious?

Olivious® is composed of extra virgin oil, water, sunflower seed lecithin, agave syrup and natural flavourings. The unique recipe makes taking the correct daily dose of extra virgin oil simple; without the bitterness and sting in the throat associated with drinking pure olive oil. Oblivious fulfills the health claims of pure olive oil ingestion.

Where do the ingredients come from?

Olivious is made from extra virgin olive oil from the Sardinian Nera di Gonnas variety. Sardinia is one of the world’s Blue Zones, where inhabitants live long and healthy lives. Extra virgin oil is one of the healthiest fats we can eat! The water in Olivious? It’s straight from the tap – nice and simple. The remaining ingredients come from our suppliers.

How is Olivious made?

Olivious is an emulsion of water and extra virgin olive oil made by way of machine processing. Our process has undergone significant research and development. The secret formula is the power behind Olivious. So we won’t be giving too much away.

Why is Olivious good for you?

First, the extra virgin olive oil we use has a very high level (at least 70%) of monounsaturated fats. Monounsaturated fats or MUFAs play a significant role in the regulation of healthy blood cholesterol levels.

Second, extra virgin olive oil contains multiple antioxidants. The antioxidants (polyphenols) in extra virgin olive oil protect our blood vessels against oxidative stress.

Naturally, other conditions apply when we want to achieve a long and healthy life, including a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Why do we use lecithin?

The lecithin in Olivious is used as an emulsifier; it helps to mix products that usually do not mix, or do not easily mix. But lecithin also provides the creamy texture and taste of Olivious. And lecithin is good for your health, too!

What is agave syrup and why is it added to Olivious?

Our organic agave syrup primarily contains fructose; it is produced from the agave plant root. Unlike refined sugar, agave syrup is approximately 80% fructose and 20% glucose. These proportions have only a minor impact on blood sugar levels. There are only 2 grams (with 1.4 grams of sugar) of agave syrup in every Olivious shot. This small amount provides a slight caramelised flavour.

Which flavourings are added?

Due to the bitter taste of olive oil, and because we want to limit the amount of sugar in every shot, we use a natural, calorie-free sweetness enhancer.
(Interest has never been greater in the development of new sweetness technologies which enable more cost-effective food and beverage product formulation, more sugar-like taste quality and reduction in caloric levels. Guidance, targeted to organizations considering development of new sweetness technologies, is given as to the specific requirements for successful commercialization of new sweeteners and sweetness modulators. And the argument is made that a successful new sweetness technology must deliver on nine metrics, including 1) high maximal sweetness response, 2) clean flavor profile, 3) sugar-like temporal profile, 4) sugar- like sweetness adaptation profile, 5) safety, 6) stability, 7) solubility, 8) cost-effectiveness and 9) patentability. Importantly, the argument is also made that a viable new sweetness technology must deliver on all nine of these metrics in order to realize commercial success)

How is the shelf-life of Olivious assured?

Olivious has a refrigerated shelf-life of at least 6 weeks. This is achieved by way of HPP. HPP is a process in which a product is placed under extremely high pressure; this inactivates any bacteria. Every bottle of Olivious undergoes HPP treatment. Not only is this method chemical-free, it preserves the nutritional values and vitamin content of foods and food supplements.

Can vegans take Olivious?

Yes! Olivious is 100% plant-based. Half of every Olivious shot is high quality, unrefined olive oil from the first press. The other half is primarily water, with a little vegetable lecithin (extracted from sunflower seeds), agave syrup, and natural flavourings.



What are the health benefits?

Claim 1.
Contributes to a normal cholesterol ratio (HDL/LDL). Contains unsaturated fats that play important roles in a healthy diet. The extra virgin oil in our Olivious shot contains high levels of unsaturated fats and has a positive effect on blood cholesterol levels.
(The claim may only be used for HIGH UNSATURATED FAT foods (Min. 70%) as stated in Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006.)

Claim 2.
Polyphenols in extra virgin olive oil contribute toward the protection of blood vessels against oxidative stress. Each shot of Olivious contains a minimum of 20 grams of extra virgin olive oil. This quantity is based upon the health claim as stated by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) – that at least 20 grams of extra virgin oil should be consumed to protect the blood vessels against oxidative stress.
(This claim may only be made for extra virgin olive oil that contains at least 5 mg hydroxytyrosol or its derivatives (e.g. oleuropein and tyrosol) per 20 grams. The extra virgin olive oil used in Olivious complies with these requirements).

Have allergic reactions occurred after Olivious ingestion?

There are no records of allergic reactions after Olivious ingestion. The Stichting Voedselallergie Nederland (Netherlands Food Allergy Foundation) overview does not list olive oil (the primary ingredient of Olivious) as an allergen.

Why should I buy Olivious?

Olivious is all the goodness of traditional Sardinian extra virgin olive oil in a new guise: a tasty, simple, healthy drink. And a world first!

It’s an incredibly healthy drink based on Sardinian extra virgin olive oil. Sardinia is one of the Blue Zones where inhabitants live long lives thanks to diet and lifestyle. Sardinians have known for thousands of years what science is only just starting to tell us. Olivious represents the power of centuries-old knowledge and the technology of today.

Is Olivious part of a healthy diet?

Olivious is part of a cholesterol-lowering diet. The extra virgin oil it contains is a rich source of monounsaturated fats (MUFAs). Replacing saturated fats with MUFAs in one’s daily diet helps to achieve normal cholesterol levels in the blood.
Other factors also play a role in a longer, healthier life. These include a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Is Olivious gluten-free?

Yes, Olivious is gluten-free.



How is Olivious distributed?

You can buy Olivious in 2-shot packs. These shots are packaged in a small box. Each shot contains 50 ml of Olivious.

Can you buy single shots?

Single shots are in the planning stages. They will be introduced should the market desire it.

Do container deposits apply to Olivious bottles?

Olivious is in accordance with European legislation. This has recently been tightened in terms of 500 ml bottles. As from 1 July 2021, container deposits will be imposed on all 500 ml bottles. Our small 50 ml bottles do not require container deposits.



Where can I buy Olivious?

Initially, Olivious will be sold within the supermarket retail channel. Consult our store locator for your closest sales point.

Can I buy Olivious online and have it delivered?

Keep a close eye on our website. You’ll be able to order Olivious for delivery to your home from the end of October 2021.

Can’t I just take a couple of tablespoons of olive oil instead?

Of course! But make sure that your olive oil is from the first cold pressing. If you don’t, you won’t get the antioxidant benefits of high quantities of polyphenols. But it’s the polyphenols that make olive oil taste bitter; they sting the throat. This isn’t a pleasant sensation and often triggers a cough.
We make taking your daily dose so much easier – and tastier. A 5 second, simple shot that provides the right, health-promoting quantities to your daily diet. Totally natural, creamy and delicious!

How many calories in a shot of Olivious?

One Olivious shot (1 bottle) provides approximately 200 Kcal. Perfect as a snack or supplementary to a healthy breakfast.
Most calories are from the extra virgin olive oil, not from added sugar!

How much extra virgin olive oil do I get per shot?

Olivious contains exactly enough extra virgin olive oil (min. 20 grams) to provide all the advertised health benefits (when taken daily). Read the health claim for more information.

Is Olivious low-carb?

Are you on a low-carb diet? Then oils and fats are fine! The natural fats in several oils – olive oil, coconut oil and linseed oil – provide important nutrients. These include essential fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E. Olive oil is plant-based and perfect for a low-carb diet. It contains negligible carbohydrates.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a fat found in your blood and tissues. We need it for a range of functions: to strengthen cell membranes, to repair cells, to produce hormones, vitamin D and bile … Most cholesterol is made in the liver, but we can also get it from the animal-based foods we eat.

What is the difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cholesterol?

About 70% of the cholesterol that travels around your body is found in small packages called lipoproteins. These packages are LDL cholesterol (Low Density Lipoproteins). When you have too many, they can cause atherosclerosis – fatty deposits on the inner walls of the arteries. That’s why LDL cholesterol is often referred to as ‘bad’ cholesterol.
Other packages that contain more protein than fat (lipid) are called HDL (High Density Lipoproteins) or ‘good’ cholesterol. When you don’t have enough of these, it’s bad for your health. Your body usually knows how to balance good cholesterol with bad cholesterol. But when they’re not in balance, health problems occur like heart and blood vessel disorders.

Will Olivious make my bowel movements regular?

Extra virgin olive oil is known to help keep bowel movements regular. The oil prevents the growth of harmful (gut) bacteria that cause inflammation and infection.
This has a positive effect on our digestion, improves gut function, and prevents constipation.