Our olive oil

The better the quality of the olive oil, the better it is for your health. Extra virgin olive oil in particular has a whole range of health benefits.

top quality

Our extra vergin olive oil

The extra virgin oil used in Olivious is of an exceptional quality. But we also needed to consider the taste when selecting our final choice.


During our search for the perfect oil

We sought the help of the Italian Ministry of Agriculture. It was essential that, in addition to finding a pure and honest product, our olive oil had to have a particularly soft and mild taste. When you want to produce a drinkable and palatable form of olive oil the last thing you want is an olive that produces bitter or peppery oil.


We travelled to Gonnosfanadiga in Sardinia

There we met Andrea, the owner of a grove of Nera di Gonnos olive trees. It soon became apparent that it was this olive cultivar that would produce the perfect oil for Olivious!


Blue Zone Sardinia

The fact that Sardinia is one of the so-called Blue Zones, where populations live longer, healthier lives than anywhere else in the world, is an added bonus. One of the reasons for this is the copious quantities of healthy olive oil Sardinians consume on a daily basis!

Naturally, many other factors improve one’s quality and quantity of life. In Sardinia, these are physical activity, a lack of stress or an ability to cope with stress, and regularly (and in moderation) drinking red wine at mealtimes