The Olive shot

Everyone should benefit from the healthiest fat on the planet.

proven health benefits

The olive shot

Because there are so many researched and proven health benefits to consuming extra virgin olive oil every day, we have developed the olive shot. This shot is guaranteed to contain real and pure olive oil directly from our olive oil farmer from the Blue Zone Sardinia. For anyone who wants to take advantage of all these benefits but does not know what to buy or finds it difficult to regularly (preferably every day) include enough extra virgin olive oil in their daily diet.

You won’t find it at the supermarket

For many people it is quite difficult to purchase this good quality virgin oil. Which is made from the first cold pressing of the olives, without any form of chemical treatment or additives. To preserve all healthy substances, the picked olives are pressed within 24 hours into extra virgin olive oil during the entire harvest season.

Labor intensive

Because this is a very labor-intensive process that is also influenced by external factors (rain, wind, drought, temperature), real olive oil which is therefore super healthy for you, (see also the Health benefits page) is not cheap. Provided you can already find this high-quality oil in your area. Typically, the oil is too cheap, too old or not pure and virgin (as refined or a blend of different types and qualities). The origin is also not always clear.

Maximum profit

Well…then there isn’t much point in consuming that oil, especially with the aim of taking advantage of all the health benefits! It is good to know that there are official health claims that say you should consume at least 20 grams daily to get maximum benefit. Our shot meets that requirement. And always made of fresh extra virgin olive oil straight from Sardinia.

Patented formula

A good, pure and high-quality olive oil is characterized by a bitter ‘aftertaste’ or taste. This is due to the presence of the oh-so-healthy antioxidants, also called polyphenols. This actually makes the real extra virgin olive oil undrinkable. And therein lies the blacksmith’s secret: we made it happen! With our convenient and healthy shot. The only one and the first in the world! Patented in Europe and patent pending in the US.